Next meet: Wednesday 21st November 2018 - 6.30pm

Our first meet up; location & guest speakers TBC.

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All things data analysis, tools, techniques, best practices and killer moves.



Relational, columnar, graph or whatever floats your boat


Data engineering

Big, small, tall, short, R, Python or something for the weekend



Frequentists to the right of me, Bayesians to the left......



Because we all want to be David McCandless

Hold up, is this for me?

Whether you're a full credo data ninja, a part time lover or even just a one time wonder, if you're interested in the noble art of data, cool tools and techniques and how you can use them to change the world then Data Yak is the place for you. Totally informal, we'll be inviting guest speakers to teach us kick ass stuff about data and (depending on the cash we find down the back of the sofa) will provide both drinks and snacks. So. Come along, dive in, and let's build the best goddamn data community in the UK.